Enterprise solutions ready for the Cloud

Most enterprise applications are still deployed in classical data centers, however new software solutions should be ready to be hosted in private, hybrid or even public Cloud environments. Good software design gives you this flexibility.

Software architectures

Scale out software architectures
  • Design for parallelisation, Avoid unscalable performance bottlenecks
Fault-tolerant software
  • Localized faults and errors should not result in complete system failures.
  • Failback and restart scenarios are integrated in the overall system architecture
Service Oriented Software design
  • An enterprise application as an orchestration of multiple business services.
  • Good software design strictly separates business processes, business rules and business services

Integrated development process – from code to running systems

Continuous integration and delivery
  • Committed software changes trigger the build process
  • Automated software quality control, combined with peer reviewed code inspection
  • Integrated testing (unit and functional)
  • Delivering an operational software component


Enterprise Software
  • Java Enterprise Edition, Lightway service oriented architectures, Executable business processes
  • Shared nothing and scale out technologies, NoSQL, InMemory technologies Cloud Computing
  • BPaaS: Business Processes as a Service
  • iPaaS: Integration Platform as a Service
  • Cross-platform frameworks (HTML5 based)
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